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An different
to vision care.

Bring your vision benefits into the 21st century with XP Health’s digital-first vision care platform. Simple, seamless, and stress-free — see the difference.

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Traditional vision insurance has costly blind spots

Technology has gotten smarter, but vision insurance is as confusing, time-consuming, and hard to use as ever.
Can you still afford low utilization and ROI on your benefit investments?

We think some traditions should stay in the past:


Can't use

  • Only employees who have an Rx can use insurance

  • People with 20/20 vision can't get non-prescription eyewear
-8 NPS


  • Members have a negative experience due to difficulty using benefits

  • Can't order glasses or renew Rx online

Per pair

  • Average out-of-pocket cost for frames is $230, due to high retail markup

  • Most doctor-recommended lens options not covered by insurance plans
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XP Health takes a different approach

We make it easier for members to use their benefits for care online and in-person, and our AI technology personalizes the glasses-buying experience and removes costly retail overhead.

Image 1

Can use

Higher enrollment, higher utilization

100% of members can use XP Health, even those with 20/20 vision. Renew Rx online, schedule in-person eye exams.


Better experience

Members rate XP Health a +72 NPS thanks to the convenience, support, speed, and experience of using our digital-first platform.

per pair

Same glasses, lower cost

Members pay an average of $42 per pair for designer frames with doctor-recommended lens options in our online eyewear marketplace. No claims, no hassles.
There's plenty more to see.
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